Duszniki Arena

Duszniki Arena is one of the largest and most modern winter sports centres in Poland, which is also the only fully professional biathlon facility. It was built in the 80s, complementing a wide range of sports facilities in the region.


Duszniki Arena is the most modern biathlon facility in Poland. Duszniki Arena consists of:

  1. Tracks with complete snow-making system
  2. Two illuminated tracks: 1.3km and 2.4km long
  3. 30-station shooting lane with electronic target system adapted to LIVE broadcast
  4. Building of the ski waxing station with a modern ventilation system
  5. Currently, the main technical and service building with the press box and food court is under construction. Modern glass structures and observation decks will make it the most interesting facility in the Duszniki Arena complex.
  6. In the immediate vicinity there are the Polana Jamrozowa Hotel and a local brewery, which invites you to taste fresh beer!